Vocal Remover is a free AI-powered tool on Suno.com that efficiently extracts vocals from audio/video files using deep learning technology, ensuring high-quality results in minutes. It caters to musicians, DJs, video creators, and karaoke lovers.

Feature 1: Deep learning-based vocal remover
Feature 2: Flexible file input methods
Feature 3: Lossless audio output quality

What is Vocal Remover?

Vocal Remover offers a cutting-edge AI technology designed to seamlessly separate vocals and accompaniment from any audio or video file. With Vocal Remover, users can easily extract vocals and background music from MP3, WAV, FLAC, and various video files, all for free and without the need for a subscription or login. The platform supports single file uploads and accepts a wide range of audio and video formats, ensuring accessibility for all users. Vocal Remover's deep learning-based system utilizes convolutional neural networks to accurately identify and isolate vocals and accompaniment parts, delivering high-quality output with lossless audio quality. Users can upload local files or provide YouTube or Suno.com links for processing, making it convenient and versatile. The platform guarantees fast processing times, usually taking only a few minutes to complete, depending on the file size and server load. The resulting vocal remover tracks maintain the original sound quality, suitable for professional music production or personal creative projects. In case users are not satisfied with the outcome, Vocal Remover recommends re-uploading the file or trying different settings for better results. Additionally, users have the option to delete their uploaded files after completion for privacy and security purposes. The platform also offers a FAQ section to address common queries and provide assistance to users. Overall, Vocal Remover is a reliable and user-friendly tool for extracting vocals from audio and video files, catering to musicians, DJs, video makers, and karaoke enthusiasts.

Vocal Remover Features

Feature 1: Deep learning-based vocal remover

The deep learning-based vocal remover feature in Vocal Remover utilizes cutting-edge technology, specifically convolutional neural networks, to accurately separate vocals and accompaniment from audio files. This feature is essential for musicians, video makers, and karaoke enthusiasts who want to isolate vocals from their favorite tracks.
  • When using the deep learning-based vocal remover feature, users can upload their audio files to the Vocal Remover platform. The system then applies advanced AI technology to identify and isolate vocals and accompaniment in the uploaded files, providing users with high-quality separated tracks.

Feature 2: Flexible file input methods

Vocal Remover offers flexible file input methods, allowing users to upload local audio or video files directly to the platform or provide YouTube video links for processing. This feature caters to users with different preferences for uploading their content.
  • Users can easily upload their local audio or video files by clicking or dragging them to the designated area on the Vocal Remover website. Alternatively, users can input YouTube video links for vocal removal processing.

Feature 3: Lossless audio output quality

The lossless audio output quality feature in Vocal Remover ensures that the separated vocals and accompaniment maintain their original sound quality during the separation process. This guarantees that users receive high-fidelity tracks after the vocal removal process.
  • During the vocal removal process, the Vocal Remover system prioritizes maintaining the original quality of the vocals and accompaniment. By utilizing advanced AI technology, the platform achieves lossless audio output, preserving the integrity of the audio tracks.

How to Use Vocal Remover?

Step 1: Visit Vocal Remover Oak Website
  • Open your web browser.
  • Navigate to the Vocal Remover Oak website.
Step 2: Upload Your File
  • Click on the 'Click or drag files to this area to upload' section.
  • Select the audio or video file you wish to process from your device.
  • Alternatively, you can drag and drop your file into the upload area.
Step 3: Provide YouTube or Suno.com Link (Optional)
  • If you want to use a YouTube or Suno.com link, click on the 'Try It!' button.
  • Copy the link of the YouTube or Suno.com video you want to process.
  • Paste the link in the designated area on Vocal Remover Oak.
Step 4: Start the Separation Process
  • After uploading your file or entering the link, click on the 'Process' button.
  • Wait for a few minutes as Vocal Remover Oak processes your file.
  • The processing time may vary based on the file size and server load.
Step 5: Download Separated Tracks
  • Once the process is complete, you'll see options to download the separated tracks.
  • Download the vocal track by clicking the 'Download Vocal' button.
  • Download the accompaniment by clicking the 'Download Accompaniment' button.
Step 6: Optional: Delete Uploaded Files
  • If you wish to delete your uploaded files, click on the 'Delete' button after downloading.
  • Confirm the deletion to ensure your files are permanently removed from Vocal Remover Oak servers.
Step 7: Explore Additional Features
  • Check out the 'Blog' section on Vocal Remover Oak for detailed guides and tips.
  • Explore different languages and interface options available on Vocal Remover Oak.
  • Contact Vocal Remover Oak customer service if you need any assistance or have specific queries.

Vocal Remover Pricing

  • Basic plan

    SEO, social, and PPC tools

    $5 /mo

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    3 projects

    200 keywords to track

    5,000 results per report

    Keyword, domain and backlink

    Google Data Studio Integration

    Content Marketing Platform

  • Business plan

    All Basic plan features and more

    $20 /mo

    Get Started
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    5 projects

    400 keywords to track

    12,000 results per report

    Keyword, domain and backlink

    Google Data Studio Integration

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  • Enterprise plan

    All Business plan features and more

    $92 /mo

    Get Started
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    10 projects

    1000 keywords to track

    35,000 results per report

    Keyword, domain and backlink

    Google Data Studio Integration

    Content Marketing Platform

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