CompOps is an AI-powered sales performance management software revolutionizing sales compensation with automated tasks, AI design, and flexible integrations. Trusted by global enterprises, CompOps streamlines end-to-end sales comp processes efficiently.

Feature 1: AI-Powered Comp Plan Design
Feature 2: Connected Modeling for Optimization
Feature 3: End-to-End Sales Comp Automation

What is CompOps?

CompOps is an AI-powered sales performance management software designed to optimize and run sales compensation plans with ease. With features like design with AI, plan and model testing, and automated deployment and management, CompOps streamlines the sales comp process from end-to-end. The platform offers flexible data integrations from any source and is trusted by global enterprises.

CompOps revolutionizes the way sales compensation is managed by automating tedious tasks and optimizing every variable with connected modeling. By leveraging AI to build, test, and run sales incentive programs, CompOps helps organizations move faster, steer revenue, and lower costs. From incentive compensation management to sales crediting and SOX compliance, CompOps offers a comprehensive solution for all sales comp needs.

CompOps is the go-to solution for enterprises looking to transform their sales compensation process. With AI-enabled capabilities, CompOps displaces legacy ICM platforms and helps organizations plan sales comp faster, eliminate errors, and scale their processes efficiently. From automated rule-building to precise incentive plans, CompOps ensures accuracy, transparency, and optimized revenue capture for businesses of all sizes.

CompOps Features

Feature 1: AI-Powered Comp Plan Design

AI-Powered Comp Plan Design is a cutting-edge feature of CompOps that revolutionizes the way sales compensation plans are created. By leveraging AI technology, this feature streamlines the process of designing comprehensive and optimized sales incentive programs.
  • Users can input their plan parameters into the system, and AI will automatically configure the compensation plan based on the specified criteria.
  • The AI system analyzes historical data, performance metrics, and industry benchmarks to generate personalized and high-performing comp plans.
  • By automating the plan design process, users can save time and effort while ensuring that their sales incentive programs are competitive and effective.

Feature 2: Connected Modeling for Optimization

Connected Modeling for Optimization is a sophisticated feature of CompOps that empowers users to analyze and optimize every variable of their sales compensation plans. By providing a comprehensive view of how changes impact performance, this feature enables data-driven decision-making.
  • Users can test different scenarios and changes to quotas, territories, and incentive structures to understand their impact on sales performance.
  • The system uses connected modeling to provide real-time insights into the potential outcomes of various plan adjustments, allowing users to make informed decisions.
  • Connected Modeling for Optimization ensures that sales comp plans are continuously refined and improved to drive maximum revenue and performance.

Feature 3: End-to-End Sales Comp Automation

End-to-End Sales Comp Automation is a core feature of CompOps that automates the entire sales compensation management process, from design to deployment and ongoing management. By leveraging automation, this feature enhances efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in sales comp operations.
  • The system automates the deployment of sales comp plans, eliminating manual errors and ensuring consistency across the organization.
  • Users can set up automated processes for calculating commissions, processing changes, and generating reports, saving time and resources.
  • End-to-End Sales Comp Automation streamlines the entire sales comp lifecycle, from initial plan design to final payout, maximizing operational efficiency.

How to Use CompOps?

Step 1: Getting Started with CompOps
  • Visit the CompOps website.
  • Sign up for an account if you don’t already have one, or log in if you do.
  • Navigate to the dashboard to familiarize yourself with the layout and available features.
Step 2: Setting Up Your Sales Compensation Plan
  • Click on 'Build' in the CompOps navigation menu.
  • Enter your sales compensation plan parameters in the provided fields.
  • Use the AI-powered configuration tool to automatically set up your comp plan by following on-screen prompts.
  • Review the AI-generated comp plan to ensure it aligns with your requirements.
Step 3: Testing Your Sales Compensation Plan
  • Navigate to the 'Test' section in CompOps.
  • Use connected modeling to simulate the impact of your sales compensation plan.
  • Adjust variables such as quotas, territories, and incentives to see predicted outcomes.
  • Confirm the plan once satisfied with the simulation results.
Step 4: Deploying and Managing Your Sales Compensation Plan
  • Go to the 'Run' section in CompOps.
  • Deploy your sales compensation plan across the enterprise with a single click.
  • Monitor the performance and outcomes of your plan using the provided dashboards.
  • Automate sales comp management by setting up periodic reviews and adjustments based on real-time data.
Step 5: Integrating Data Sources
  • Click on 'Integrations' in the CompOps menu.
  • Select the data sources you want to integrate with CompOps (e.g., CRM, ERP systems).
  • Follow the prompts to connect each data source securely.
  • Verify that data is syncing correctly by checking the integration status in the CompOps dashboard.
Step 6: Leveraging Analytics and Reports
  • Navigate to the 'Analytics' section within CompOps.
  • Access intelligent models and performance reports to gain insights into your sales comp plans.
  • Use the analytics dashboard to evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of your current plans.
  • Download or share reports with your team to keep everyone informed.
Step 7: Managing Compliance and Security
  • Go to the 'Compliance' section in CompOps.
  • Ensure your comp plans comply with local regulations such as ASC 606 and SOX.
  • Set up audit trails to track changes, payouts, and spending.
  • Validate and sign off on compliant plan documents and payroll validations using CompOps’ built-in controls.
Step 8: Streamlining Payroll
  • Navigate to the 'Payroll' section in CompOps.
  • Integrate with your existing HRIS system for seamless payroll processing.
  • Set up automatic payouts to ensure accurate and timely compensations.
  • Use customized dashboards to reduce disputes and provide transparency to your team.

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